Carbon dating flaws mammoth

02-Jul-2018 18:20

Compare this with Abstract.pdf, which does include presentation 5.Notice the titles of 4 and 6 correspond in both lists, which in the opinion of some, hints strongly that the list with number 5 present was an original list." href="#footnote5_n4k6ioa"Why is the information presented in the paper important?The age for all these fossils was found to be less than 50,000 years1.This is not predicted by conventional evolutionary theory; and other discoveries have been made concerning dinosaurs which also are not predicted by evolutionary theory such as the discovery of soft tissue in bones that are not or are only partially fossilized.Carbon-14’s half-life is too short to measure dates over a million years ago.In fact, if the entire earth were solid carbon-14, in a million years so much would have decayed that there would not be even a single atom of carbon-14 left.So, you might ask, why is this article about carbon-14 dating of dinosaurs?

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You will see presentation 5 is missing between 4 and 6.Special care was taken to prevent this kind of contamination. 10 Living animals take in carbon-14 on a regular basis.

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