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Russian scam collects and publishes data of Russian scams and Russian scammers only.Russian scam listings are in alphabetical order according to Last Name of Russian scammer or Russian Agency Name AA: (Aa-Al) A: (Am-Az) | B: (Ba-Bl) B: (Bm-Bz) | C: (Ca-Cl) C: (Cm-Cz) | D: (Da-Dl) D: (Dm-Dz) | E: (Ea-El) E: (Em-Ez) | F: (Fa-Fl) F: (Fm-Fz) | G: (Ga-Gl) G: (Gm-Gz) | H: (Ha-Hl) H: (Hm-Hz) | I: (Ia-Il) I: (Im-Iz) | J: (Ja-Jl) J: (Jm-Jz) | K: (Ka-Kl) K: (Km-Kz) | L: (La-Ll) L: (Lm-Lz) | M: (Ma-Ml) M: (Mm-Mz) | N: (Na-Nl) N: (Nm-Nz) | O: (Oa-Ol) O: (Om-Oz) | P: (Pa-Pl) P: (Pm-Pz) | Q | R: (Ra-Rl) R: (Rm-Rz) | S: (Sa-Sl) S: (Sm-Sz) | T: (Ta-Tl) T: (Tm-Tz) | U | V: (Va-Vl) V: (Vm-Vz) | W | X | Y | Z Postal address: Russian Federation, street Lenina 85, apartment 69 E-mail addresses: [email protected], [email protected]: she found me, says through a penpal site i went on, BUT i canceled that account 6 months ago? then she mentioned about "me asking her to come to us" which i found odd, i never did, so i knew she was bringing it up in a starnge way, odd..i had a gut feeling to look under scam sites, found her photo, then info anbout her scamming allot of people under tons of names.she still dont know im aware, and its the 5th letter now, shes now starting to bring up money things, so its coming! view=1190 First reported: Joe DISCLAIMER: does not guarantee the accuracy of the information on this page, nor that it is error-free. The service is supplied on "as is" basis, with no warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. Correspondence continued for only about four weeks.

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First reported: Brandon Details: Asks for money to transfer to the following account in the fourth letter to visit to you.

In the 2 letter she wrote she is a ex model and have bank accounts in Finland and Switzerland to the amount of 80, 000 USD. In the last mail, number 7, she asked me to send her half of her travel expenses to travel to me. First reported: George Phone: (812) 464-74-28 Address: Metallostroy, Gorkogo st.,2-13 Email: [email protected]: Promise to marry you and at the same time corresponding with other men to get money for her clothes, bills and travel expenses. I had no interest in marriage with her as she behaved poorly and immaturely like a spoiled only child that did not get her way. Upon writing her back she sent a picture and we traded emails and pictures daily for the next week.

First reported: Gerardo Address: Russia, Kazan city, B-Chavaina 15-64 street Email: [email protected]: She was found on , an Indian Matrimonial site. She would not tell me her phone number or address saying it would be impossible for me to reach her, but she did volunteer to call me.

Then she tried to pull the tourist visa scam on me. First reported: Jac Phone: no phone Address: VOLODARSKOGO, 5 ORENBURG, 460000 Details: Contacts you through a gay website and "falls in love with you." He writes in broken English and has stock letters. He sends pictures and is very convincing, as he tells of his trial and tribulations living in Russia.

She stated that she could take care of the Visa but needed Air Fare. He says his father, who is a doctor, has beat him because he is gay. Then, suddenly he is called up to join the milatary.

Details: When I had contact with her, her name was Galina (Galia), she was 25 years old and from Slaviansk. When answer, you receive a letter from "agency" which asks you to pay for future correspondence on the name of Ludmila Domashneva. Asked for US0 for passport and visda, K US for plane fare.