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17-Mar-2018 20:45

President Michael D Higgins said: “What we sought was an appropriate and permanent tribute to the women and men whose effort and sacrifice contributed so much to Irish freedom and a symbol that would also serve as an inspiration towards realising the promise of a true republic, which remains a challenge for us all.

“I hope that what we have achieved with this commemorative work is a fitting tribute to the memory and vision of the signatories of the Proclamation, and all those who stood with them.

However by November the court found that the PSNI had ignored the court’s instruction; had done precisely nothing.

Now the Chief Constable, still having done precisely nothing, is appealing the order to the Court of Appeal with your money.

The historical evidence for this view was all around, in the circumstances of housing, hunger, emigration, exclusion and language loss. Friday, December 15, 2017 A new art installation in honor of the 1916 rebels has been unveiled at Aras an Uachtarain as a permanent testament to the journey towards an inclusive Republic.

The cultural freedom allowed was a freedom merely to imitate or ingratiate.” — President Higgins President unveils art installation honoring 1916 rebels Ed Carty. The sculpture, Dearcan na n Daoine – The People’s Acorn, by artist Rachel Joynt, was placed in the grounds of the president’s official residence as part of Easter Rising commemorations.

He has no hope of overturning the order but will appeal on esoteric legal grounds. In his letter explaining why he has not complied with the order but is appealing, the Chief Constable cites cost.

He has conjured a figure of £60 million over five years out of misty Hy-Brasil.

This to be done independently, expeditiously and with ring-fenced funding. Justice Treacy issued such an order is that on July 28 he quashed the PSNI decision to abandon the HET inquiry into the notorious Glenanne-based police/UDR murder gang and ordered an independent investigation.

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